Essential Tools for Eyelash Extension Application

Any lash artist must have the tools listed below if he wishes to deliver quality services to the customers:

  • Lash tweezers: a lash artist must have two sets of tweezers when applying for lash extensions. One of them is the isolation tweezers which will be used to isolate the natural lashes so that there will be a decent application of the lash extensions.

The other set is the lashing tweezers which is specifically used to pick to eyelash extensions and apply them to the natural lashes.

  • Extension tape: This is used to hold down the bottom lashes so that they do not criss-cross with the lashes on the upper side. If this is allowed the lashes may make glue to shut the customer’s eyes which will harm your business.

Buy a medically safe tape that can be used in the sensitive parts of the eyes.

  • Lash brushes: these are used to brush the lash extensions to ensure that they remain upright and in the right order. Brushing will make the lashes stay in the desired shape and avoid forming strange angles.
  • Primer: This is used to remove any excess oil or mascara around the eyes before applying the lashes. It cannot be shared and you should have a primer for every client
  • The application of a primer is done using a microbrush which should be clean. A dirty brush may cause the spread of infections among clients which is not good for your business.
  • Eyelash adhesive: this is the primary requirement when applying lash extensions as it will be used to hold the eyelash extensions in place. Invest in a good adhesive that will not harm the eyes of your clients.

Do not fail to invest in anything that will make your customers trust you more. You must spend in order to earn from the loyalty of those customers who recognizes your efforts to make them get the best services.